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Lena Walsh

Up & coming Female Vocalist Lena Walsh has just released her 2nd debut Single entitled “Hold on Friend” a follow on of “My Heart my Love” a Popular R & B release which received Huge accolades amongst the Listenership of Turanga F.M.

Lena an avid writer of Poetry has turned this passion into writing original Compositions for Songs and has an interest to eventually release an album of her own in collabaration with her Musician Husband.

If you like original soulful music with an R & B feel then keep an ear out for this new talent another product of the East Coast and one who know doubt has a very promising future ahead of her.

Lena Walsh Up & coming Female Vocalist

Miranda Gray - Taufa (TE AITANGA-A-HAUITI)

Mother / Musician & a Devoted Christian are just a few Titles that describe the Late Miranda Gray-Taufa.

A Truely Inspirational Woman whose Love of Life played a big part in the Release of this Album which features Many of the Songs dedicated to her Family & Faith.

Described as a Soulful yet Naturally Gifted Singer Miranda's Love for Music is Reflected on this Album.

The late Miranda Gray - Taufa (TE AITANGA-A-HAUITI)

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